Stay Classy, Tampa




08/27/12  A “vagina-costumed demo” by Code Pink in Tampa on Monday morning

Press Release:
“CODEPINK Women for Peace has a delegation of activists from around the country on the ground in Tampa this week protesting the Republican agenda and specifically calling out the GOP war on women’s rights.  CODEPINK will demonstrate at both the RNC and DNC to hold both parties accountable for ongoing support for war and killer drones, misuse of national resources in the face of economic recession, and corporate money in politics. CODEPINK activists have already coordinated and participated in numerous actions surrounding the RNC including a protest at Raytheon in St. Petersburg, a vagina-costumed demo outside Ralph Reed’s Faith & Freedom Coalition rally, the launch of “Millionaires for Mitt” outside the RNC Welcome Party at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg and at the Chevron-sponsored RNC welcome party in Tampa, and more. “

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