A. Zombie Rally


08/26/12 As part of a promotion by AMC, producers of “The Walking Dead,” to get the show back on Dish TV “Candidate A. Zombie” and his “wife,” “Patty Morgan-Zombie” hold a rally on Sunday afternoon at Stumps Supper Club in Tampa FL.


WHO: A. ZOMBIE, AMERICA’S FIRST ZOMBIE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, TO HOST FIRST-EVER “ZOMBIE CONVENTION WITHIN A CONVENTION” TO KICK OFF THE 2012 REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION WHAT: America’s first independent Zombie-based party is proud to “unearth” the newest candidate in the 2012 Presidential Campaign – A. Zombie. A. Zombie and his living wife Patty Morgan-Zombie will be “pressing the flesh” and will host hundreds of zombies and humans alike at the first-ever, massive “Zombie Convention Within A Convention.” This is a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with a real, “undead” Presidential Candidate. WHY: A. Zombie is endorsed by AMC Networks, home of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” cable television’s most watched drama series. AMC, and its sister networks, WE tv, IFC and Sundance, have been dropped by DISH Network due to an unrelated lawsuit, and are currently unavailable to many local television viewers. His mission is to spread the “don’t take this lying down” message around the country, so those who don’t have access to these networks and shows can find an alternative television provider before the highly anticipated third season premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” on October 14, 2012. For more information, please visit www.azombieforpresident.com.

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