Champagne In The Toothpaste Aisle

05/05/10 Siobhan Catanzaro, of The Georgetowner newspaper, attends the Gala re-opening of the “Social” Safeway in Georgetown a year after it was completely re-built. The Gala included a jazz quartet and a DJ as well as bars and serving stations spread throughout the store.

From the press release:

“The new 71,067-square-foot Georgetown store will continue to promote the character and historic nature of its upper Georgetown neighborhood, maintaining the open, inviting atmosphere that resulted in people dubbing it the “Social” Safeway, but it goes much further:  it has been designed and built to be, if approved, the first LEED-certified grocery store in the District, and Safeway’s second LEED-certified store (the other being located in Santa Cruz, Calif.).”

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