Uncorrected Proof

05/05/10 Yesterday I shot a portrait session with my lovely – and soon to be massively famous – writer friend Helena Andrews in a new apartment without a stick of furniture in it. Her collection of autobiographical essays titled “Bitch Is The New Black” is due out in June and has already been optioned as a movie. “No you can’t have a copy!” was the first thing she said when I noticed this pile of copies sitting on her counter. I guess I’ll have to wait along with everyone else to read it.

You’ll have to trust me that the photos of Helena are amazing because I’m not going to post them just yet.  All I can say is, the movers who arrived after our shoot finished to fill up the apartment with Helena’s furniture must’ve been stunned at the glamorous lady who answered the door.

Thanks very much to the great makeup artist LaTonya Winters for doing a fantastic job as well as for coming out at the last minute.

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