Photo News Aggregate 01/2010

01/11/10 Recent photo-related news items . . . Weatherproof Garment Co. erected (and then agreed to take down) a huge billboard in Times Square with an AP image of President Obama wearing their product in China. . . My extremely talented and blonde photographer friend Jaime Windon (she was a shooter for me back when I was Photo Editor at The Hill Newspaper) will be playing a blonde and talented photog named Jaime in a TV show about hunting UFOs . . .

[The Blonde Photographer and her evil Non-Blonde twin. From a studio session on 09/25/06. ]

Cool NYT story about a man and his Speed Graphic . . . Charis Wilson passed away. She was a model, creative collaborator and wife of one of the most influential 20th century photographers, Edward Weston . . . The Washington Times trimmed its newsroom by firing the entire photo department . . . The Museum of the City of New York has published a book to go along with its exhibit “Only in New York: Photographs From Look Magazine” . . . The Norman Rockwell Museum has an exhibit called “Norman Rockwell: Behind The Camera” which looks at how the artist used photography to create his work . . . Book review of “Who Shot Rock and Roll: A Photographic History from 1955 the the Present” . . . French legislator proposes requiring all digitally altered photographs of people used in advertising be labeled as retouched . . . George Will commentary on the most famous image by Robert Capa . . .

Finally, here’s a photo taken by my friend Al on a recent trip to New Mexico. He sent it along to me in his Christmas card:

Behold the Camera Van!

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