No Pants DC Metro Ride 2010

Video: CLICK HERE (“After you de-pants, spread out.”) and HERE!

01/10/10 Did you miss it? It sneaks up on us every year. Today was the day to ride the Metro without your pants. Who says DC is stuffy and boring? My rough guess is that over 100 people showed up at the pre-game briefing before descending into the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station to drop trow.  I wonder how many participants could hear their mother in the back of their minds saying “If everybody jumped off a cliff would you?” Or how many were attempting to overcome that anxiety dream. You know, the one where they show up to work or church in their briefs.

[Etiquette requires you tuck in your shirt when you ride the Metro sans pantalones.]

From the instructional memo:

“Arrive at C Street Park for a brief meeting. At the designated time / location on the metro – remove your pants!
Act completely casual or unknowing that your pants are missing.
The best part about this mission is the reaction of people hearing that someone could casually “forget” their pants or not be greatly bothered by their disappearance.
*Be sure to bring a backpack or bag or a friend with a bag as you will be responsible for your own pants when they are off and they should stay hidden*
*Note* This is NOT a nudism event and some appropriateness in undergarment choice is strongly encouraged. To participate, make sure your undergarment is no more revealing than a typical non-thong bikini bottom.”

[Typical day at the Smithsonian station.]

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