A Glimpse at Andrew Wyeth’s World

Andrew Wyeth's Studio *588[Andrew Wyeth’s studio]

03/27/14 In preparation for an upcoming exhibit of his artwork, the National Gallery of Art led a group to Chad’s Ford, PA to see the places that informed artist Andrew Wyeth’s life.

The tour started at the Brandywine River Museum where many of Wyeth’s paintings hang. Lunch was served in the studio of Wyeth’s famous painter father, N.C. Wyeth. We traveled next to Andrew Wyeth’s studio in an old schoolhouse down the road from the house he grew up in.

Abrew Wyeth Door*


Andrew Wyeth's Studio *624


Andrew Wyeth's Studio*0669


Kuerners' Farm *741[Upper room in the Koerners’ farmhouse]

The tour ended at Koerners’ farm – Andrew Wyeth neighbors and the subjects of many of his paintings.

“Washington, DC—Andrew Wyeth’s fascination with windows is explored for the first time in an exhibition on view at the National Gallery of Art, its sole venue, from May 4 through November 30, 2014. Andrew Wyeth: Looking Out, Looking In will present some 60 tempera paintings, watercolors, and drawings that stand out from among 300 or more works of art by Wyeth depicting windows in figureless compositions. Inspired by the gift of Wyeth’s first and one of his most important paintings on the theme—Wind from the Sea (1947), donated to the Gallery in 2009— the exhibition will include several works from private collections that have never been on public view.

“In these spare, elegant, and abstract window paintings and works on paper, Wyeth tackled the complexities presented by the subject throughout his career. We hope that this exploration both on the walls and in the catalogue will encourage a much closer look at Wyeth’s work and contribute to the reassessment of his achievement that is well underway,” said Earl A. Powell III, director, National Gallery of Art, Washington.”

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