Evening at Tel’Veh Wine Bar

Tel Veh* 7840

02/27/14 My friend Adra invited me to a special tasting dinner Thursday night at Tel’Veh wine bar which is in DC’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood. It was a great dining experience to come out of the bone chilling cold and into a warm inviting space for great wine and food and great company.

Pita & Scallops * 7808

Edy Blue *7828

I was happily surprised to find my extremely talented friend Edy Blue was the entertainment for the evening. She told me that Tel’Veh has become one of her regular gigs.

Shrimp *Tel Veh 7820

Dish after delicious dish was set before us.


SEA BASS* 7916

[ The Sea Bass]

TABLE * 7875

It was also great to sit and chat with old friends I haven’t seen in awhile.


Tel Veh* 7944

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