Snarked Street: Christine Dingivan


09/13/12 Time for another exciting episode of our street style Q&A Snarked Street! I stopped Christine by the C&O Canal in Georgetown and she was kind enough to answer a few questions and let me take her photo before she was off for a night on the town.

Q. Who are  you wearing?

A. The dress is TopShop a UK brand and the shoes  are ZARA based in Spain.

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style? From an outsiders perspective, yes, conservative/professional office attire. Though as a resident I’ve noticed all styles from Bohemian chic in Eastern Market to edgy grunge in Adams Morgan. I believe DC has a broad sense of street style because it is an international and transient city; the best part of DC is its variety!

Q. Are there any style trends you notice all the time?

A. Not in DC particularly, the people and style are always changing very quickly here.

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

A. Depends on your definition of most fashionable. Georgetown has the latest brands though I prefer around 18th and K St NW when people dress upscale for going out.


I decided to move to DC to be an architect because I wanted to work in an international city, where I could be a part of a variety of project types. I spend my evenings and weekends out in the city attending/participating as a volunteer or model in events and shows mainly for the Arts & Fashion, some political. That has transcended into the diversity of people I know here which is wonderful.

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