Foodies On Wheels

[Chef Robert Wiedmaier and motorcycle gang of DC’s top chefs depart Brasserie Beck early in the morning.]

07/21/12 I’m catching up on posting some assignments from last week which got a little crazy.  I was busy preparing for my photo exhibit on Thursday evening and got behind on everything else. Here’s some images from the 2nd annual Chefs Go Fresh Rally. It was held on Monday July 16th and was put together by The Georgetown Media Group and the MD Dept of Agriculture. The idea is to take DC chefs on a bike tour of the best farms and vineyards in the surrounding countryside. Last year was Virginia. This year Maryland. After a fantastic breakfast at Chef Robert Wiedmaier’s Brasserie Beck, the first stop was Shepherds Farm Creamery – a sheep farm specializing in making artisan cheeses. Next up was a wine tasting at Black Ankle Vineyards. The tour ended with a multi-course lunch – all kinds of small dishes plus some amazing lamb – hosted by at Chef Bryan Voltaggio at his new restaurant Family Meal.

[Breakfast at Brasserie Beck] 

[The great Pie Sisters!]
[Cheese Room]
[Ed Boyce of Black Ankle Vineyards]
[Chef Bryan Voltaggio hosted lunch at his new restaurant Family Meal in Fredrick, MD]
[Adra & Joseph]

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