Snarked Street: Jackie Garcia


06/14/12 I was on the campus of GW University yesterday afternoon where I ran into Jackie Garcia who was game for a photo and answering some questions on DC’s sense of style

Q. Who are you wearing?

I am wearing a knee length Tata Jolie bandage dress. It is coral in color with black and gray horizontal stripes. I have noticed that these bandage dresses have become more popular as well as longer, flowy skirts. Moreover, fashion is cyclical and I believe that we are currently cycling back through certain styles of the 1950’s and 60’s.

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style?

DC style is unique in that it changes from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are by Capitol Hill and other business districts you will notice a more conservative style, but if you travel to Columbia Heights you may find a more casual, urban style of dress. DC is great because there is not one fashion trend that dominates the entire city.

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

Georgetown, in my opinion, is the most fashionable. M Street alone has a variety of stores and styles that supply outfits for any occasion. Furthermore, they are quality clothes that provide for a classic, clean look, but still allow for patrons to customize their style and create outfits unique to their personalities.


Jackie Garcia is a 20 year old junior at the George Washington University majoring in Political Science. Co- captain of the First Ladies dance team and finalist in the 2012 Miss DC pageant, she is an advocate for supporting our veterans as they return from war. Jackie volunteers with organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Team Rubicon, and spends time with the elderly at the Vinson Hall Retirement Home.

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