Snarked Street: Sarah in Georgetown

01/09/12 Look who I ran into on N Street in Georgetown last week! The subject of my 1st street fashion shoot of 2012 is Sarah Hillware . . .

Q. Who are you wearing?

A. I’m wearing white jean leggings by Express, which go very well with boots in the winter and sandals in the summer time. I try to buy items that are versatile, to avoid changing my wardrobe every season. My blouse and scarf are both from vintage boutiques in DC. In my opinion, the brand doesn’t matter as much as how you put clothes together to create your personal style. If I see a brand name item that suits my style, I’ll buy it, but I rarely follow “trends.” I like to look different and unique, so I shop at outlets such as Filene’s Basement and small boutiques around the city.  I’m also the type of person who can relate to people from various backgrounds, but also am very firm in who I am and I think my fashion sense reflects that.

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style?

A. In Washington, DC, there are different styles depending on where you go. They range from retro to Bohemian to prep to grunge to classic. I find that people in DC tend to cross style borders and mix it up. You’ll see crazy sunglasses with a beret and an oversized sweater in one neighborhood and a trench coat with skinny jeans in the next.  DC is all about diversity, culture and the arts. I think DC’s street style overall can be described as young, fresh and hip.

Q. Are there any style trends you notice all the time?

A.  I notice versatility. People who live in DC are multitaskers. We are advocates for causes, we are politically-savvy, we are cultured, and accomplished. Therefore, we need an outfit that can be worn in the office and at happy hour. I see women in fancy blouses or chic work dresses and men in pastel-colored shirts.

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

A. Hmm… I’d have to say it’s a tie between Georgetown and the up and coming H Street neighborhood. In Georgetown, there are so many great boutiques, restaurants and shops. There is such a mix of old and new. When I walk down the streets of Georgetown, I see a nice variety of styles, with international and local flare. Georgetown was also chosen to be the location for last year’s Fashion Night Out. However, H Street is very vibrant, new and transient. The style is exciting and fun and very out there. I like H Street because its residents are open-minded and outgoing. They wear bright colors, ripped jeans, and daring shoes. Both neighborhoods are great places to go out and each has something special to offer.

Sarah Hillware is a student at The George Washington University, studying global public health in the Elliott School of International Affairs. She recently began hosting an online radio show entitled “The Sarah Hillware Show,” which airs every Wednesday at 8 pm online and showcases innovative community projects, small and medium-sized local NGOs and various awareness efforts. Sarah’s life revolves around service and advocacy. She serves on the national advisory board for MEDLIFE, is assisting in research at her university related to maternal health, and champions various local and global causes related to health, youth and empowerment.  Recently, Sarah Hillware won the title of America’s Miss District of Columbia 2012 and plans on bringing awareness to her platform, which is “Knowledge Is Power: Empowering People To Be Their Own Best Health Advocates.”

For updates, follow her on Twitter: @AmericasMissDC or visit her blog:

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