Snarked Street: Ayala In Chinatown

12/07/11 She’s not jaywalking! I caught Ayala Pavia Tuesday afternoon dashing through the rain at the special intersection at 7th & H Streets which allows you to cross in all directions.  Once we were safely on the opposite corner, she happily agreed to answer some DC-centric fashion questions:

Q. Who are you wearing?

A. My favorite leather bomber jacket by D & G, a Calvin Klein dress, and Gucci heels.

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style?

A. Yes and No.  The people who live in DC definitely do. It’s a cross between urban chic and classic conservative dressing.  I don’t seem to see much in between.  Tourists and commuters in the city are a bit all over the place when it comes to style; there is not really one look for them.

Q. Are there any style trends you notice all the time?

A. Leggings are definitely in.  Knee high boots and fedora hats.  A lot of shabby chic.  Oh, and Ray Bans!  Everyone seems to own a pair in the city, whichever style they prefer.

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

A.  Well, I would have to be biased and say my neighborhood, Logan Circle.  There is a balance between business sophisticated and urban chic.  I love hanging out around the 14th and U Street area.  There are so many cool and eclectic people.  Even taking a trip to Whole Foods on P Street is fun just to watch the urban fashionable crowd.  I do it all the time!


My background is European and my father lives in Milan, so I have always had a love for fashion.  I began my career in retail with an internship at Valentino, sales at Neiman Marcus and finally management at Saks Fifth Avenue which really solidified my own personal style; edgy and sophisticated.  More recently I have switched career paths and work for a company called LaserShip. Shipping is a very interesting and challenging career with many exciting opportunities.  Please take a look at our website and contact me with any inquiries regarding your shipping needs at

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