Gonzaga – St. John’s 2011

[Gonzaga Student Section]

11/05/11 The oldest and most important rivalry in DC football history is not Redskins-Cowboys. It’s the contest between two high schools –  Gonzaga and St. John’s. The battle was joined again on neutral ground, at Blair High School in Silver Spring on Saturday afternoon. Gonzaga won in overtime 13-10.


Some history from the program:

“GONZAGA-ST.JOHN’S FOOTBALL GAME HISTORY -Modern Era Began In 1928-  While the two schools both played football as early as 1889, the football rivalry did not take root until 1928. Games were played prior to that year but not regularly. The Modern Era began on October 26. 1928, when the teams met at Georgetown University before a crowd of 2,500. Gonzaga came away a winner 47-0. According to newspaper accounts, “relations were strained by four quarters of rough play” in their last meeting in 1921, but by 1928 the teams were “on speaking terms again.” . . . Between 1928 and 1978, a period of 51 years, the teams met each fall. Fifty-three times without interruption, including two playoff games. In 1979 and 1980, Gonzaga stepped away from league play and the game. Gonzaga needed time to regroup. After a two-year absence, the teams met again in 1981. Gonzaga achieved victory that year and in the thirty-two meetings including playoffs since holds a 23-9 advantage.  However, over the last seven seasons, St. John’s  has won six. As the teams prepare for their 82nd regular season meeting, 86th including playoffs, of the Modern Era, the record stands at 42-38-5 in Gonzaga’s favor.”

[Lining up for the game winning field goal.]

3 thoughts on “Gonzaga – St. John’s 2011

  1. I wonder if it should be 86 and 1/4 meetings to include the 1959 round robin playoff in which Gonzaga, St. John’s and John Carroll each played one quarter against each other at Griffith Stadium to determine who would meet Eastern HS for the Metro Championship? The Eagles prevailed over Eastern 7-6 on 11/27/59.
    Ray Guye

    1. Thanks Patrick! Great pix on your site too. My brother Tim says Hi. He was in your class. I think 2 of my nephews must be in your son’s class as well. Best, Pat

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