Snarked Street: Johnna Rowe

11/01/11 I ran into  Johnna outside the Uptown Theater on Connecticut Avenue the other day and she kindly agreed to be the subject of my next street fashion blog entry  – Snarked Street!
Who are you wearing?

Since I like a little bit of this and that, designer and vintage, etc. etc., my pants and shirt are from Forever 21.  The DC Fall climate has me wanting to wear blazer’s everywhere, so I layered the outfit with a blazer from Nordstrom.  I like to keep my accessories to a minimum but flashy which is why I live in this masculine big-faced Sophie watch I brought from a random street vendor in New York. Pearl earrings and my black Louboutins go almost everywhere with me, they add that sexy but classy last touch.

Does DC have a sense of street style?

The District is filled with professionals so street style is booming with simple but tailor made cuts.  Plenty of blacks, tans and navy blues wiz by in the streets Monday thru Friday but Saturdays and Sundays I really appreciate seeing most of the city dressed down, casual with a trendy Fedora or Tom’s flats to finish the look.

Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

I would have to say Georgetown.  Every time I hit the corner of Wisconsin and M st., I instantly feel inspired and usually end up spending a pretty tab inside Urban Outfitters or Barney’s Co-op from all this “inspiration.”

Because Johnna’s day begins in a corporate setting and ends typically in a trendier dining/lounge setting, she lives by the motto “Be dressed for anything”.  By day, Johnna Rowe is an attorney, by night she is part of the brains behind Johnna Knows Good Food.  The Washington, DC based food blog was created in 2007 as a way for Johnna to share her recipes and food explorations with close friends and family.  Now almost four years later, the blog has grown to be a well-known food blog in the District with a live version of the blog now airing on Vimeo.  When Johnna’s not reading the United States Code or writing about the District’s new food fetishes, she spends her time vintage shopping and traveling.

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