Snarked Street: Sana Akibu

10/16/11 Sana and I worked together on a fashion shoot Saturday afternoon at an old carriage house that’s been converted into a photo studio in the Logan Circle part of town. Afterwards, she gamely agreed to pose for a photo and answer a few questions about DC style.

Q. Who are you wearing?
NY & Co boyfriend blazer
Vintage Corset
Ralph Lauren Jeans
Urban Outfitters booties
Jewelry Rush Boutique earrings

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style?

Yes AND No. Most people in the DMV dress very conservative, but those that step outside the box dress very vintage or hipster.

Q. Are there any style trends you notice all the time?
I see vintage and thrift pieces almost everywhere I go in this area. Especially on the women, they love their vintage looks.

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?
I’d have to say U st/ Georgia Ave (close to Howard). You see all types of people walking those streets with styles straight out of magazines.

Sana Akibu started Sha’Koju Clothing this past summer with the intent of creating pieces inspired by her Nigerian culture. As a former model she incorporates all she’s learned from both on and off the runway into her customized clothing. The Sha’Koju official launch event will be this December so look out for that. You can view images at Twitter: @Sana_TheCrave

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