Dip A Drip

09/28/11 Mr. Bobby Murray of DC dunks “The Office Know-It-All” into giant coffee cup outside Union Station on Wednesday afternoon.

From Press Release:

“Have you ever wanted to see a really obnoxious, over-the-top, stereotypical person (aka: a Drip) get dipped into a giant 7-Eleven coffee cup? Even better, what if you could actually “Dip-A-Drip” without ever leaving your computer?

In celebration of National Coffee Day on September 29th, 7-Eleven is kicking things off on September 28th with an interactive Facebook game titled Dip-A-Drip. Dip-A-Drip is your chance to launch a ball that dips a Drip into a giant 7-Eleven coffee cup. Here’s the twist: that giant coffee cup will be setup live at Union Station in Washington D.C., so while you control the movement online, your Drip is being dipped in real time. To see Drips being dipped in action, visit Union Station from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM EDT on September 28th.

Then on September 29th, 7-Eleven will celebrate their caffeinated version of National Coffee Day, CofFREE Day, by offering everyone in the United States and Canada a FREE medium-size cup of hot coffee (or cappuccino…or latte) from 7AM to 11AM.

With more than 65% of Americans drinking coffee during the week (at nearly two cups per day), it’s only fitting that America’s favorite convenience store chain celebrate the beloved caffeinated beverage on its special day.”

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