Snarked Street: Ariell in Adams Morgan

Who: Ariell Kirylo, Food Enthusiast,

Twitter: BareNakedCritic.

Where: Adams Morgan

When:Labor Day Weekend 2011

Q. Who are you wearing?

This is one of my favorite throw-ons by Betsy Johnson. Perfect fit with cowboy boots in the day and pumps at night. I call it my Snow White dress.

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style?

What is, conservative hipster? I’d hate to offend anyone or sounds like an ass, but Washingtonians are for the most part at the bottom of the fashion food chain. Pantyhose and sneakers is ever present and still we can’t seem to shake the polo shirt/brown flip-flop epidemic, though I can sympathize with the necessity of comfort.

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

I honestly, do not think there is one. D.C.’s best and most creatively dressed people happen to live in the most unexpected places. 14th street has definitely stepped it up a notch.

Q. What’s on 14th Street?

I’m a writer and on a budget. I love the concept and style hand of Current Boutique. Consignment is the way to go for shoppers who want to escape the a-typical fashion forwardness of, say, shops you’d find in Georgetown. You can also frequently find venues that host pop-up vintage boutiques such as Butler + Claypool in the area.

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