Snarked Street: Andrea In Cleveland Park

08/10/11 And now for another edition of SnarkInfested’s exploration of DC street fashion – Snark Street! By a huge stroke of luck,  I caught my smart and stylish [I first met her at a fashion show she hosted] friend Andrea walking her noble looking pooch at Rosedale – a secret gem of a park, btw – on Sunday afternoon.  They both agreed to pose for a few photos and Andrea answered some questions:

Q. Who are you wearing?

A. No idea. I bought this dress for $20- $30 at the airport in Las Vegas.

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style?

A. Yes, however, I am not wearing it as I am just out walking the dog. DC has a very professional, conservative atmosphere.

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

A. Embassy Row.  DC is a very international city and I really enjoy seeing the different dresses by European designers which women wear at Embassy receptions. It’s nice to see something other than what’s on the Ann Taylor rack.

Andrea Pohl is a public relations officer at the Embassy of the Czech Republic.  She enjoys traveling and running with her four year old German Shepherd, Blitz, who is also from the Czech Republic.

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