Snarked Street: Annie On Dupont Circle

04/19/11 While searching for a suitable subject for a street fashion blog entry last week, I was lucky to run into Annie at lunchtime on Dupont Circle. She was kind enough to let me take her photograph and ask her a few questions.

Q. Who are you wearing?

A. I’m wearing a J. Crew dress. When I’m dressing for work, I really like to wear clean, classic lines with a touch of femininity.  I’m also wearing Kate Spade heels that add a little character to my style.

Q. Does DC have a particular sense of street style?

A. Well, I can certainly get away with wearing a bit more color in DC!  I lived in Manhattan before moving to DC and followed the strictly black code on most days.  I really like to sprinkle some contrasting colors into every outfit I can, hence, the bright yellow shoes with dark purple dress!

Q. Which DC neighborhood is most fashionable?

A. Georgetown is the most defined fashionable neighborhood in that it has a clear identify and aesthetic: preppy!  I happen to live in Georgetown and love the fun, colorful madras prints in the summer.  The fun fashion style puts everyone in a light-hearted mood.

Annie Breaux is a resident of Georgetown, and serves as operations manager at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.  In her spare time, Annie enjoys running along the monuments, searching for the perfect dress, and sampling all the delicious treats at Baked and Wired in Georgetown.

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