Let the World Be Your Oyster

02/09/11 “Let the World Be Your Oyster” party held at Acadiana restaurant in DC on Wednesday night.  This is always one of the best “foodie” events of the year.  Ambassadors of Louisiana Seafood come to Washington for a celebration of seafood harvested from gulf waters.  In the past, this annual visit has focused on Louisiana oysters, but given the impact of last year’s BP oil spill, Louisiana’s seafood experts brought along representatives of other states, harvesters of all types of Gulf seafood.   Acclaimed Louisiana chefs John Besh (Restaurant August), Chris Lusk (Café Adelaide) and Greg Reggio (Zea Restaurants) prepared oysters in a variety of creative ways.  ACME, the famous New Orleans Oyster House (and one of my favorite places on earth), had their two best shuckers – Norman Conerly and Michael (Hollywood) Broadway – on hand.


[Is there anything that goes better with raw oysters than a warm beignet? I don’t think so.]

[Get me a Hurricane!]

[New friends.]

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