Anti-Mubarak Protest In Front Of White House


01/28/11 Egyptian American protesters call for the ouster of Egyptian President Mubarak on a snowy Friday afternoon on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

From the press release:

The Coalition of Egyptian Organizations and the Mid Atlantic Chapter of the Alliance of Egyptian Americans (AEA) urges the US government to support the Egyptian people’s struggle to achieve freedom and social justice. President Hosny Mubarak has shown very little respect for those legitimate demands.

We are very concerned about Secretary Clinton’s statement regarding the stability of the Mubarak government.  Secretary Clinton reiterated her support for Mubarak again when she indicated that his government is capable of reform. The United States should instead join France, Germany, and the European Community in condemning the killing of innocent civilians and the arrest of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Egypt. US foreign policy should reflect both our stated ideals and our interests in that region; otherwise we will loose the hearts and minds of the Egyptian people as well as freedom loving people around the world especially in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

US explicit support of the Mubarak regime is unwise and unacceptable.

The ruthless oppression of peaceful demonstrations by the security apparatus of  Mubarak in the last 4 days and the large budget of the security forces are proof that this regime does not value freedom of speech or assembly, and indicates total disregard for the demands for constitutional reform, free elections, and ending Martial law.

The corrupt, incompetent, and authoritarian regime of Mubarak is a liability on the interests of the United States in the Middle East and above all an obstacle to the aspiration of the Egyptian people for freedom and prosperity.”

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