Photo Box of Mystery

[Movie Still]

12/23/10 My family’s farm has an unusual room we call the film room which is filled with movies – real movies, not tapes – 16mm and 35mm prints. The walls are covered with family photos and there are perhaps thousands of slides in boxes.

Just the other day, I was cleaning up in there and I found something fascinating. It’s a box filled with 79 torn and curling 8×10 prints. They all seem to be from the 1930s and they’re a mix of newsreel images, stills from theatrical releases and glamor shots of starlets. Many have “PRINTED IN ENGLAND” stamped on themĀ  Most are damaged in a way that makes me think they were ripped off of a wall they were attached to. I’m guessing they were from the projection booth of a long gone movie palace but I really have no idea where they come from. I’ve scanned a few and post them here. Does anyone out there on the Internets recognize these actors or the movies?

[Newsreel Still]

[Glam Shot of Unknown Starlet.]

[Newsreel Still: Opening of ’39 World’s Fair with FDR?]

[Movie Still]

[Newsreel Still – Beauty Contest?]

[Newsreel Still – From a story on Edward VIII & Mrs. Simpson?]

[Glamor Shot – Starlet Unknown.]

[Movie Still]

[30’s Art Deco Glamor Shot – Starlet Unknown.]

[Newsreel: Plane crash at an airshow?]

[Movie still]

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