Business Card Portfolio

12/21/10 Business cards are boring. I wanted something different when I started It is more important for me to show someone my work than to run on about how it’s “a photo blog about blah, blah.” There’s more than a little truth to the saying that “talking/writing about photography is like dancing about architecture.”  I started using iPhoto to compose small books of my pix. They are the size of a business card ( maybe a little bigger) with 20 glossy images and they come wrapped in plastic like a slice of Velveeta (which prevents fingerprints). I’ve done three of these so far (each with 20 different photos inside)  and they’ve received a great reaction. People almost always say “Wow!’ when I hand them one. Sometimes, I’m asked to sign them. They’re a conversation starter but also come in handy when I can’t converse – such as when I was in Kazakhstan in April photographing a visit by the UN Secretary-General. Very few people spoke English and I had no Russian, but when I handed these out recipients would pantomime some of the images inside.

So far I’ve used street photography for cover art, but each one has a mix of my news, personal and portrait photography inside.

[Cover #1]

[Cover #2]

[Cover #3]

[Cover #4 – This one will be out in 2011]

Perhaps you’re reading this blog right now because we met somewhere and I handed you one of my business card portfolios!

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