07/10 Photo News Aggregate

07/22/10 Recent photo news of interest: Czechmates – women running for office in the Czech Republic pose for cheesecake calendar; B&H review of GigaPan Epic Robotic Camera Mount; Check out a new zine which features the work of 11 photographers who are 34 years or older called Get Off My Lawn. It’s a tongue-in-cheek response to calls for entry, contests and publications that require “emerging photographers” to be somewhere between the ages of 18 and 34; The Economist magazine doctored a news photo for it’s cover story on Obama and the oil spill; Ed Kashi joins VII; BP restricts photographers trying to cover oil spill; UK Press Photographers’ Awards; Politics Daily story about author Helena Andrews and her Mom using a photo I shot; “Horseboy” and other Google Streetview mysteries; Terry Richardson back to shooting for W; Southern sunsets and other bad photo doctoring; Nurse from iconic Times Square kissing photo has died; My friend – the great Stephen Crowley; Review of Edweard Muybridge exhibit at the Corcoran Museum; Review of “Smash His Camera” – a documentary about paparazzo Ron Galella; How Howard Got His History Back; The history of  yearbooks and photography; High-end NYC real estate photog; Wunderkind Ryan McGinley shoots for NYT Mag; 160 year old photo mystery; Cartier-Bresson retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.

[Photo from Behind the Scenes of the 2010 Miss DC Pageant.]

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