The Presidential Palace

04/14/10 It’s been a hectic week or so. The day after I returned from Kazakhstan, I hopped on a 5:30am train to shoot Bridal Week in NYC for 4 days. Jet lag has me in it’s fearsome grip and I forgot to post my last KZ entry. Here it is.

These images were taken on 04/07/10 at the presidential palace in Astana, Kazakhstan as President Nazarbayev received an official visit by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

[Prepping for the arrival of Ban Ki-moon in the great hall.]

[The Papal Nuncio and the rest of the diplomatic corps were on hand for the greeting ceremony.]

[Honor guard sings the national anthem as part of the arrival ceremony.]

[President Nazarbayev sits across the table from the Secretary-General]

[UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is awarded the Friendship Medal following the meeting.]

[View of Astana from the steps of the presidential palace. The capital was moved here in 1997 and a massive city was built atop what was once a small town.]

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