Capitol Hill Tea Party

03/11/10 The climatic House vote on health care reform took place Sunday.  The protesters who gathered on the Capitol lawn to rally against the bill were the same folks who’ve vented against health care reform at Town Hall meetings and Tea Party rallies for over a year now. These photos were taken at around 4pm when it became clear that Rep. Bart Stupak (D MI) and his pro-life holdouts would vote for the bill – thereby assuring its passage –  in exchange for an Executive Order by the President banning federal funding for abortions. This news of this deal agitated the crowd greatly.

[The guy behind the “Obama the Dictator” sign declined to give his name for a caption.]

[Rep. Jeff Flake (R AZ) looks down at the crowd from the member’s balcony.]

[Michelle Bachman (R MN) does not bat an eye talking to a gentleman in a tri-corner hat.]

[I’m wondering what he wrote before correcting the words “racial slur” on his sign.]

[Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R MI) greets a tea party protester from his home state.]

[I get the “Don’t Tread On Me” flags but why bring Bogie into this?]

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