Photo News Aggregate 02/26/10

02/26/10 Dramatic photos taken from NYPD helicopters on 09/11 of the Twin Towers’ destruction were released in response to a Freedom Of Information request by ABC News . . . Bankrupt Polaroid is liquidating it’s vast photo collection – images taken by some of the world’s greatest photographers . . . Vote here if you like New York Magazine’s cover photo of Christina Hendricks in a corset . . . Magnum photo agency has moved it’s entire collection from NY to the University of Texas, Austin. The price of the sale was undisclosed but estimated at $30 million  . . . Don McCullin slideshow “Shaped by War” . . .  Reuters photographer released . . .Slideshow from the ‘Snowpocalypse‘ which hit Washington, DC in mid-February . . . Uproar over Haiti photo workshops in the wake of the devastating earthquake . . . Interactive portfolio about the civil rights era from The New Yorker . . . In case you were wondering: “Why The Swimsuit Issue Matters” . . . Another story on the “re-birth” of photo-j . . . And finally, actor Drew Carey has joined the Board of Directors of the National Press Photographer’s Association which caused some grumbling by members of a “publicity stunt” but was greeted with enthusiasm by many others.

[Drew Carey at the ’03 White House Correspondent’s Dinner]

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