District Dish: Year 1 In The Bag (Also Rats)

02/16/10 Last night, at Public Bar, hosts Kate Michael, Ebong Eka and Sonya Gavankar celebrated 1 year of The District Dish with a taping before a packed house of well wishers. This fun, DC centric show is the brainchild of Kate who is also the show’s booker. She manages to get some interesting guests to stop by (last night’s included Keith Center, frontman for band, The Dreamscapes Project and Sophie Pyle from Blonde Charity Mafia) and the show is unique in that it tapes not in studio but at a different local dining establishment for each episode.

[The hosts chat with Matt Paxton of Clutter Cleaners, as seen on A & E’s “Hoarders.” In response to a question about the worst thing he’d ever had to clean up from a  house filled to the brim with junk; he told a story of one person who’d kept a bag of 20 or so dead rats. ]

[Kate retelling the rat story.]

UPDATE 02/24/10 I stand corrected. It was 100 rats.

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