O Canada! Winter Olympics Bash

[Snowboard trampoline demo.]

02/13/10 Great shindig at the Canadian Embassy last night! The gravy fries and Molson were flowing freely as close to 1000 people came out to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics from Vancouver on a huge jumbotron.

[Ice sculpting.]

[Winter games on the Wii stations inside the embassy.]

[I take credit for getting Cheyenne and her posse to make it to the party. Note the cool bright red Olympic mittens which were handed out as party favors.]

[Pauline and her son Liam – whom I haven’t seen since he was a wee little fella. That’s the Canadian version of M&M rapping on the jumbotron. He raps mainly about back bacon and Tim Horton’s.]

[Bro Tim models insanely hip mittens while holding Super Sized Molson.]

[Ski demo. I could do that. I just don’t feel like it is all.]

[The Ambassador poses for pix.]

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