Blonde Charity Mafia Premieres . . . Kinda

01/20/10 It’s been a long time coming [In contrast with Real World DC which was shot, cut and premiered in less time] but it’s now possible to see the first episode of Blonde Charity Mafia  – not on TV but on the internets. Here it is.

The show’s original producer Lifetime never released it. Lifetime sold it to the CW which was supposed to run it in July but they shelved it as well. Apparently they sold it to MTV UK which used to have it on their web page but it now seems blocked.

Billed as a “docu-series” but clearly scripted, the buzz on the DC party circuit about this show was huge while it was being shot. I covered a couple of parties attended by BCM and it was always amusing to see people vying to get in the shot when the cameras were rolling.

Sophie Pyle (left) Krista Johnson (center) and  Katherine Kennedy filming a segment for their show “Blonde Charity Mafia” at Teatro Goldoni in September 2008.

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