Daily Caller Launch Party

01/13/10 There was hardly room enough for all the well wishers who came out last night to celebrate the launch of Tucker Carlson’s new web publication The Daily Caller. The spacious mansion of The Hostess With The Mostest Juleanna Glover was overflowing.

Daily Caller’s Editor-In-Chief, Tucker Carlson, howls along with Popper Popcorn.

Tucker and Sophia Davis

Jackie Kucinich (Roll Call)  and Moira Bagley (Opinion Editor at The Daily Caller)

Ashley Samelson and Brian McGuire

Scooter Libby

It’s really not a party without having a Russian guy dressed as Napoleon.

Moira Bagley (Opinion Editor at The Daily Caller) and Becca Glover Watkins (Media Strategist at The Daily Caller)

Shannon Flaherty (VP Herald Group) and Tucker chat.

Jeff’s Dufour’s (DC Editor, UrbanDaddy) bemused smirk speaks volumes.

Juleanna, Tucker and Becca.

4 thoughts on “Daily Caller Launch Party

  1. Thanks to Napoleon I still can’t get that song out of my head, but Poppy sure can carry a tune!

    “…Green light, red light
    Whatever it is, we gotta move
    From Paris to Toulouse
    Wenever get the blues

    A pretty girl said to me one day,
    ‘oh la la,’ and ‘yes, yes, yes’
    Garmin- Garmin- Garmin!”

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