Field Trip

11/28/09 Saturday afternoon ramble in the Hudson Valley with the gang.

If you plan on visiting Lindenwald, the home of the 8th US President Martin Van Buren, in Kinderhook, NY – I can tell you right now it isn’t open til May 24th. And I’ve got no idea why this sad looking deflated tent was on the grounds.

Etymologists trace the word “OK” to an abbreviation of “Old Kinderhook,” a reference to Van Buren’s birthplace.

[Old Chatham Sheepherding Company: “Our entire staff works as a team to  deliver our products to “ewe” at the height of their freshness and flavor.”]

[Old Chatham Sheepherding Company is the largest sheep dairy farm in the United States. We purchased a wheel of their sheep’s milk Hudson Valley Camembert from the honor system refrigerator on the grounds. It’s all gone now because it was so good.]

[Tim and Gerard tossing the football around.]

[Sundown in Old Chatham.]

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