Underground Standing Army

11/17/09 This morning, the National Geographic Museum hosted a preview for the exhibition “Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor.” The organizers had expected the PRC Ambassador to attend but said he had a “good excuse” for missing the opening since he is currently in Beijing for President Obama’s state visit.


The exhibition will formally open  on November 19, 2009, and continue through March 31, 2010. This is its final stop on a four-city U.S. tour.

The exhibition offers an in-depth look at China’s First Emperor’s enormous tomb complex, considered one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. The tomb contained thousands of terra cotta warriors intended to protect the emperor in the afterlife. The exhibition showcases 100 sets of objects, including 15 terra cotta figures representing soldiers, archers, servants, musicians and animals. This is the greatest number of warriors ever to travel to the United States for a single exhibition.

More than 80,000 advance tickets have been sold for “Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor,” the museum’s first-ever ticketed exhibition.

[Detail – belt buckle]

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