NYC Bridal Week: Day 2


10/17/09 NYC Bridal Week is a where the owners of bridal boutiques from around the country decide which gowns they will show their customers. They go to the big elaborate fashion shows but they actually meet the designers and get one on one showings in the hotels which have converted several floors to mini showrooms. I went to several showrooms today. Here are two pix from the  Eugenia Couture showroom.


[Eugenia Couture]

The show which elicited the most emotional response had to be the one produced by Romona Keveza Couture. Several women around me were weeping copiously at the conclusion of her event.

Ramona Keveza959*

[Ramona Keveza Couture]

Ramona Keveza637*

[Ramona Keveza Couture]

Ramona Keveza965

[Ramona Keveza Couture]

Ramona Keveza0813*[Ramona Keveza Couture]

The final event of the day was a slick, highly produced show by Priscilla of Boston held at a huge venue at 583 Park Avenue which must have been a church or a temple at some point . . .


[Priscilla Of Boston]


[Priscilla Of Boston]


[Priscilla Of Boston]

Priscilla523*[Priscilla Of Boston]

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