GQ’s 50 Most Powerful People in DC Party

Henry & Nelson *9

[CNN’s White House Correspondent Ed Henry (not on the list) chats with Senator Ben Nelson (D NE) (on the list)]

10/13/09 GQ Magazine published their list of the “50 Most Powerful People in DC” in the November ’09 issue.  They threw a party Tuesday night at 701 Restaurant to announce who those 50 were. It was attended predominately by people protesting too much that they did not care one tiny little bit that they were not on the list.

Great party (mini burgers = 4 stars) but why anyone would take seriously a list about power politics from a men’s fashion magazine is beyond me. I think a National Journal story about the new fall collection of men’s suede shoes would be just about as nonsensical.


[Jessica, Pam and Edie – if anyone of these three is at a party then it is a better than average event.]

Outside223*[Weighing the pros and cons of GQ’s list outside the venue.]

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