BBQ at Walter Reed

09/16/09 Wednesday afternoon I took pix at an end of summer BBQ at Mologne House on the grounds of Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital sponsored by the National Pork Board.


This was a great event.  America’s pork producers doing lunch for wounded soldiers, their families and staff. The volunteers from the National Pork Board grilled and grilled until they ran out of buns and then kept on grilling and serving wounded vets and medical personnel until they completely ran out of food. Before they started, I heard that they had enough to serve 2000 people!

Chef Mark Salter517*

Celebrity Chef Mark Salter of The Inn at Perry’s Cabin enjoys The Other White Meat as much as the next guy.


Checking the meat’s temperature.

Army Shirt441*

The ladies are from the Washington Capitals’ dance team.

Hoggetts176*The Hogettes.

GW.350*Lunch with President Washington.

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