Walish Gooshe Fashion Show

Triptych*08/16/09 Saturday night I went to see my glamorous Czech friend Liba in a fashion show at K Street Lounge. The show was scheduled to begin at 8pm but knowing how these things go, I got there at 8:30 and was not shocked when the show did not start til after 9. They put me in a photo pen at an odd angle to the runway.  It’s a small venue with lots of photographers and I only recognize a couple of them. I like to think I know most of the pro photogs in town if only to nod at. Who are these guys?

There were three designers.  SCO ROUGE by designer Sasha Corrodus-Odom went first with her Fall Collection. My overall impression of her work was that I saw a lot of red and black. I chatted with her after the show and I liked her so I’ll give her an A+.  SCO ROUGE was followed by menswear by Andrew Nowell. His work seemed derivative of the Matrix.  The largest portion of the evening was taken up by Walish Gooshe Spring/Summer 2010 designs by Greg Taylor and his stuff seemed functional and not outlandish. What do I know? I’m just happy I went because the blaring techno music seemed to open up the swimmer’s ear in my left ear which I brought back from the beach last week.

Had a couple of cocktails with the models and called it a night.


[I don’t see the flower-wreath-antler-look catching on]

Liba post1.617*

[Liba and friends]

Alexius Diana 1.382*

[Model: Alexius Diana]


[A study in contrast.]


[Back-less by SCO ROUGE]



[That’s Liba in the jacket during the runway parade finale.]

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