Too Many Chefs

Chef Eric Ziebold of CityZen-Mandarin Oriental*61[Chef Eric Ziebold of CityZen chats outside of Policy. Some reviewers say his restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental is the best in town.]

07/21/09 Why were DC’s top chefs (over 70 of them)  gathered at Policy on 14th Street Tuesday afternoon? I’ll tell you. They were brought together by Meshelle & Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve for the national launch of the “In Our Hands” campaign which is “an artistic expression of chefs, bartenders & restaurateur efforts to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt.” OK? The chefs applied their “red” handprint and signature to a large-scale canvas and had their pix taken by photographer Nigel Barker (the guy from “America’s Next Top Model”). Unfortunately there was no Tyra on hand to shout “Be Fierce!” or “Work it!” We did have Bethenny [Not a typo. She’s got an N twice though the press release spelled Bethany the normal way. . .] Frankel from “The Real Housewives of New York City” there. Not sure why. I’ve never seen the show but perhaps it deals with NYC Housewives fighting Canadian seal hunters. Totally guessing here. But admit it – that would be cool. Not as cool as the Canadian show “Mantracker” but along those lines.  Anyway, good luck to all the red-handed chefs and housewives from Brooklyn.

Candid44*[Humane Society president Wayne Pacelle and Bethenny Frankel from “The Real Housewives of New York City”]

Celeb Photog Nigel Barker007*[“Celebrity photographer” Nigel Barker at work.]

Georgetowner Trio20*[Georgetowner Newspaper trio. Good people. Getting drinks with them Happy Hour on Friday. Whole other story.]

Upstairs30*[Upstairs at Policy]

Models Eating069*[I got the models when they were eating. Then I got them to laugh while eating. Holy Crap! Why am I not the house photog on ANTM?]

Bethany Frankel 308*[Yeah. It’s the Housewives lady again. It says “Skinnygirl” for all you people who had trouble reading the tattoo in my 07/15 posting.]

model325*[I really should be the America’s Next Top Motel photog guy. I just whispered the word “Fierce!” here and look at the results.]

Scooter Guy340*[This guy seemed to be having some trouble with the Law directly across the street from Policy. I felt it important to include him in this photo essay.]


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