Lettuce Leaf Ladies & The Candy Lobbyists

07/15/09 In keeping with my 07/02 post about covering more food related events; today I photographed a PETA veggie dog give-away and the National Confectioner’s Association Chocolate Lunch and Media Open House.

Jayde Nicole2.101*

Seems PETA can’t have an event without showing some skin. Their protests and press events tend to involve nude or scantily clad women. Today outside the Rayburn House Office Building was no exception. “Wearing nothing but strategically placed lettuce leaves, Playboy Playmate of the Year and stunning vegetarian” Jayde Nicole  handed out veggie hot dogs. [That’s Jayde on the left and Playmate Jo Garcia on the right in the photo above.] I’ve covered this event for it seems like 10 years now and it usually takes place as a protest to the American Meat Institute’s Hot Dog Day on Capitol Hill. This year, I guess the stars were crossed because the ersatz “Not Dog” version came a week before the meaty variety.

Jayde Nicole2.094*

There were more media at this event than I’ve seen in years past – including a couple of dudes from TMZ who reeked of sketch.

Jayde Nicole2.110*[Write your own caption.]

Jayde Nicole2.116*[I’m obliged to acknowledge the “Note To Self” type vibe given off by Jayde’s strategically placed tattoo.]

Across town in Georgetown at about the same time (I got there late) the good people at the National Confectioner’s Association held a lunch to brief media types on industry trends and hot new products.

Nat Confectioners Assoc198*

The amazing thing about this apparently normal looking office space was the existence of the “Candy Time” room which held every type of sweet imaginable. Reporters were invited to take whatever they wanted.  Mr. Wonka Goes to Washington.

Candy Store2.173*[reporters in candy frenzy]



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