On My Bookshelf

Polaroid Book1

07/07/09 I grabbed this book last night from off the remainder shelf at the local bookstore. The publisher Taschen produces some wonderful art books including many photography titles. To me, photographs look best not on the computer screen or hanging on a gallery wall but in book form. This book is a good example of the way photos can pack more punch when printed to high standards on quality paper.  Best just to open at random and flip through it like a scrapbook.   The Polaroid Book covers a wide variety of subject matter and the photos are presented somewhat starkly without captions. There is, however, a thumbnail index in the back of the book with info on each photo. There’s also an index of Polaroid cameras (of which I am the owner of two or three). Published in 2004 before Polaroid went completely kaput, the introduction unfortunately closes this way: “After spending time with this book, my hope is that you, the reader, will be as inspired as I am to pick up a camera and create some wondrous Polaroids of your own.”  That would be pretty hard undertaking nowadays since Polaroid film is as rare as snow on the 4th of July. Check on Ebay.

My brother Tim gave me this book, Reuters: Our World Now 2,  last week:

Our World Now

Great idea for Reuters Photo to promote themselves with a lush softbound book with hundreds of news photos (including many non-newsy, feature-y type pix) from the last year.

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