A Movable Feast

07/02/09 I shot a cookbook back in January and a couple weeks later I went to NYC to photograph the taping of a reality TV show that had chefs competing against each other by coming up with original dishes and wine pairings. I’ve shot many restaurant reviews over the years and my photos of dishes from some of DC’s finest restaurants were used for an ad which ran in Gourmet magazine.

It’s got me thinking a lot about food and not just in a hungry way. I decided that this year one of my on-going photo projects will be about food – the variety of foods; how food is prepared and consumed; the cultural meanings of food; the rituals of dining; food contests and how food is wasted and on and on.

That’s why I attended “Z-Burger’s First Annual Burger Eating Championship” today.  The press release promised I’d see  “12 amateur and professional eaters kick-off the holiday-weekend as they go burger to burger competing for Z-Burger’s top prize of $3000 of cash and food prizes.”

Strangely, this was the second hamburger eating contest I have photographed in less than a month. I hope you are not eating when you view some of these images.

Joel The Cannon Podelsky 2.246 copyJoel “The Cannon” Podelsky wearing a cape and Lone Ranger mask also brought along his own stopwatch.

Mouth of the South 1.195*The “Mouth of the South” finished 2nd.

2.633*The Z Burger Girls were the official scorekeepers

empty mouth 2.515Contestants had to show the Z Burger Girls an empty mouth before the burger was counted as consumed.

the cannon gross 1.136*The Cannon in action

Q 2.276*This mystery man gave his name as “Q” and said he hailed  “from parts unknown.”

gross 2.483*“The Gentleman” on the left competes against “The Mouth of the South” on the right.

1.180The eventual winner Peter Czerwinski, 23,  from Mississauga, Ontario who describes himself as an “experienced competitive eater” has perfected an impressive “shove-the-whole-burger-in-your-mouth-at-once” technique . . .

gross1.269* copyto the chagrin of onlookers.

winner 2.589*14 burgers in ten minutes gets you a trophy and a check for 3 grand!

Happy 4th of July!


I’ve been meaning to write about the passing of Kodachrome which is a HUGE deal to photog types but it will have to wait til next week due to press of business.


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