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06/26/09 I’m getting the hang of this photo-blogging thing! For those of you just joining me here – thanks and welcome to snarkinfested! It’s a mash up of my personal and professional photography which I started back in April. For the first month or so now I’ve just been concentrating on the boring basics like layout and photo size, etc. Very soon though, I’ll be rolling out more content and features including listings of up-coming events and interviews with photographers and photo editors I admire.  “Washington Portrait” – a series of candid and posed portraits I’ve made in DC – will become a regular feature as will something I call “Washington-scape.” Guess what that is about.

Savvy viewers will notice certain themes developing and subjects I consistently photograph.  First of all, I’m from a large family and I like to take photos of them.

Dec and Eamonn73*[nephews Declan and Eamonn]

I started out as a photographer by taking pix of my family. I can’t remember how old I was when Dad taught me about f-stop and shutter speed but I was very young – maybe 6 or 7.  I naturally began by photographing the people I love most.

I’m very interested in politics.

Shake Hands**[Candidate Obama shakes hands at the Society of Irish Women Dinner in Scranton, PA on St. Patrick’s Day 2008]

Washington is a company town. I grew up here. My parents had friends from across the political spectrum and it was fun to hear them argue at parties growing up. I’m fascinated by politics as history.  I collected presidential campaign pins as a kid. I’ve worked on campaigns. I’ve covered Capitol Hill and the White House as a photographer and photo editor for a couple of newspapers.

Which leads me to journalism and the media . . .

Rudy*[Media horde surrounds presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani as he meets and greets on the streets of Nashua, NH 2008]

Some of my best friends are journalists. Hah!

I cover DC’s social scene.

Clooney[Actor George Clooney holds court at a party  at The Palm restaurant.]

My fashion shooting consists of a bunch of commercial assignments; many, many comp cards/portfolio pix.

Ashley173*[Ashl’y 2007]

DC is not even close to NYC in terms of fashion but every year there are more local designers and fashion shows, etc.

Finally, I’m interested in photography as an art form and I want to use this blog to talk about all types of photography not just my own.

I’m pleased and surprised at the number of hits I’ve been getting since I’ve only told a few people about this experiment. Thanks again for stopping by.


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