Photo Collage

06/17/09 Here’s what my photo collage work looks like. Some of these are digital images stitched together in Photoshop but most are cut up prints pasted on white board. I like the primitive feel of the physical prints. I notice that when I work with digital images in collage, I focus more on the graphic or the look of the image while with the prints I am more interested in conveying a thought or emotion. All of these works are for sale, btw and the prints do not have my copyright notice plastered on them.

Untitled (On Melrose 1998)*Untitled (On Melrose 1998)

I use repetition as a theme in my photo collage work.


Preacher*Preacher in front of White House

Bus9626OutOfService*Bus9626OutOfService (Protesters at ’04 GOP Convention in NYC are carted off to jail in city bus). The print version of this digital collage is 6 feet long.

4SeasonsCollage4 Seasons Hotel in Georgetown


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