Art Buzz Fully Fotographic On Fourteenth & T

05/28/09 Busy week! Wednesday night I took part in “Art Buzz Fully Fotographic”,  an event designed to “showcase the works of DC’s top artists” and raise funds for the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative’s Arts for Every Student (AFES) program. The event was held at The Source Theater at 14th and T which is a really cool space for a group show. It appeared to me to be a very small venue for a theater. Someone told me that it seats 100 but I’d be shocked if it did. My brother Mike works around the corner on U Street and came along to help me set up. It would have been very hard to do by myself and it was great to have another set of eyes. Thanks Mike!

I was torn about what to show but eventually decided on 3 portraits and two “travel” images.  Two of the portraits I had printed 24 x36 by master printer Gerard at the Photography Center of Bethesda – he did them on a metallic sheen paper which really made them pop. I cannot recommend Gerard highly enough. He runs the best photo lab in the entire DC/MD/VA region. Finally, I had them framed in a rush job by the always reliable  Allen Custom Frame. Here’s one:

Roxana5.273*Portrait of Roxana.


The model came out for the event with some of her friends and was happy to hear viewers “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” over her likeness.

CC5.597Portrait of Christie. I shot this only a couple weeks ago at one of my Open Studio shoots but it may be my favorite image of 2009 thus far.

I also had t-shirts made with the image of Roxana printed on back.  Everybody likes a great t-shirt, right?

Fiona21*Here’s my niece Fiona modeling one.

Here’s one of the travel images I had on display:

French Quarter

It doesn’t do it justice to see it on the computer screen. The colors look faded here to me but the important thing about the print is that it’s HUGE.  I tell people that it is “sofa-sized.”

The best part of the show was the fact that a lot of friends I have not seen in a long time showed up. I handed out a lot of business cards and promo material; was interviewed by a reporter from I’m not sure where; schmoozed; drank wine and also got some job proposals for future work. Fun evening. I have to close by saying thanks to my friend Jade Floyd who organized the whole thing and roped me into participating.


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