Newsbabes & Jeff’s B-day

05/13/09 Game 7 of the Washington Capitals vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins was Wednesday evening and I wanted to see the game so my coverage of the 2009 Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation at Lotus Lounge was brief. I got there early enough to catch everyone outside posing for pictures with signage (although the liquor store next door was somewhat distracting) and did a quick drive-by shooting. A bunch of friends who arrived later angrily demanded my return via text messages, but by that time I was watching the hockey game with my brother Tim and our buddy Tommy at a hotel bar around the corner.

Group08 copy

newsbabe and Teddy30 copyThat’s Channel 9’s Angie Goff with Teddy Roosevelt.

It was a bad night for local sports as the Caps sadly got thrashed and the National’s Ryan Zimmerman’s hitting streak was snapped at 30.  We left the bar and headed up 14th Street for a birthday party at Cafe Salsa for my friend Jeff Dufour.  Jeff co-writes a gossip column in The Washington Examiner called Yeas and Nays.  We used to work together at The Hill Newspaper where I was Photo Editor for a number of years and Jeff wrote a Capitol Hill centered gossip column called Under The Dome.

Jeff & Jayne102 copyJeff gets a kiss from his lovely girlfriend Jayne.

Not a surprise for a gossip columnist’s party, but I spent most of the party swapping gossip from the last campaign with a well connected lobbyist of the Democrat persuasion who had some funny Hillary v. Obama stories I’d never heard before.


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