Highland Park Challenge

04/22/09 The management team at Highland Park Apartments (located conveniently above the Metro in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC!) contacted me about doing a photo shoot. But they came up with a twist.  Not only would my images show off the cool interiors but in order to make things “look happening” I’d be shooting at night in the midst of a party thrown for their residents and prospective renters. This was a fun challenge. I’ve shot a lot of parties before and I’ve done fashion shoots and architectural photography but here I’d be doing all three at once. The shoot would also be a fixture of the party so in a sense I was performing. The building is brand new with a lot of visually attractive spots for photo set ups – like a metallic floating staircase, a “model” apartment and a mailroom with dozens of dangling bulbs. I hired three of the most gorgeous models I know – Kate, Dionne and Liba along with my favorite stylist Indrid Ellmore to pull the whole thing off.


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