Dip A Drip

09/28/11 Mr. Bobby Murray of DC dunks “The Office Know-It-All” into giant coffee cup outside Union Station on Wednesday afternoon.

From Press Release:

“Have you ever wanted to see a really obnoxious, over-the-top, stereotypical person (aka: a Drip) get dipped into a giant 7-Eleven coffee cup? Even better, what if you could actually “Dip-A-Drip” without ever leaving your computer?

In celebration of National Coffee Day on September 29th, 7-Eleven is kicking things off on September 28th with an interactive Facebook game titled Dip-A-Drip. Dip-A-Drip is your chance to launch a ball that dips a Drip into a giant 7-Eleven coffee cup. Here’s the twist: that giant coffee cup will be setup live at Union Station in Washington D.C., so while you control the movement online, your Drip is being dipped in real time. To see Drips being dipped in action, visit Union Station from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM EDT on September 28th.

Then on September 29th, 7-Eleven will celebrate their caffeinated version of National Coffee Day, CofFREE Day, by offering everyone in the United States and Canada a FREE medium-size cup of hot coffee (or cappuccino…or latte) from 7AM to 11AM.

With more than 65% of Americans drinking coffee during the week (at nearly two cups per day), it’s only fitting that America’s favorite convenience store chain celebrate the beloved caffeinated beverage on its special day.”

Point Man


09/27/11 Engineers rappel down the side of the Washington Monument on Tuesday to check for cracks and other damage from the East Coast earthquake last month. The Monument has been closed to tourists since the quake.

[See him up there?]

The Jet Powered Hydroplanes Are Back!


[Jeff Bernard of 5 Graham Trucking]

09/24/11 Washington Harbor hosted an exhibition/sneak preview Friday afternoon of the Air National Guard Hydroplanes, the world’s fastest racing boats capable of reaching speeds of 200mph. The event was in anticipation of the return of the President’s Cup scheduled for June 2012.  Washington, DC hosted the President’s Cup from 1922 to 1977 with a hiatus between 1941 and 1945 for World War II.

[J. Michael Kelly of 88 Degree Men racing]

[Scotty Liddycoat, #7 in his Valken.com hydroplane]

Photo Exhibit: POWER|PLAY: China’s Empress Dowager

09/24/11 How political leaders use photography and how it is used against them [look at the Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover controversy just last month] is not a new topic by any means. A fascinating exhibit opening today at the Smithsonian’s Arthur M Sackler Gallery examines how 100 years ago the Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi used photography to build up her image in the West.  The exhibit runs until January 29, 2012.


[The Empress Dowager Cixi in sedan chair surrounded by eunuchs   China, Qing dynasty, 1903-1904 Glass plate negative Image credit: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, SC- GR 261]

From the media guide:

“Following China’s disastrous Boxer Rebellion, the Grand Empress Dowager Cixi (1835–1908) was held in low regard throughout the world. In 1903, a strategy emerged to use photographic portraiture to rehabilitate her public image. Cixi allowed a young aristocratic photographer named Xunling to take elaborately staged shots of her and her court, designed to convey imperial authority, aesthetic refinement, and religious piety. As the only photographic series taken of Cixi—the supreme leader of China for more than forty-five years—it represents a unique convergence of Qing court pictorial traditions, modern photographic techniques, and Western standards of artistic portraiture.”


[The Empress Dowager Cixi China, Qing dynasty, 1903-1904 Glass plate negative Image credit: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, SC- GR 251]

“The Freer Gallery’s thirty-six glass plate negatives, acquired from the estate of the photographer’s sister, Princess Der Ling, comprise the only extensive group of these intimate portraits outside of the Palace Museum in Beijing. Following a major digitization project, the negatives will be revealed in full detail in The Empress Dowager, a compelling and immersive exploration of this enigmatic icon. The exhibition also will feature two original prints of Cixi that were presented as diplomatic gifts to President Theodore Roosevelt in 1904 and to his daughter Alice in 1905, underscoring the complex relationship between the Qing court and foreign powers. A display of film clips will demonstrate the evolution of the Empress Dowager as a character throughout the twentieth century—from a depraved tyrant to a long-suffering ruler.”


[Empress Dowager Cixi and attendants on a barge on Zhonghai Lake, Beijing China, Qing dynasty, 1903-1904 Glass plate negative
Image credit: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, SC- GR 243]

Photo News Aggregate 09/2011

[The August 23rd earthquake that rocked DC damaged the National Cathedral but not Fredrick Hart’s sculpture in the central tympanum, Ex Nihilo.]

09/22/11 Here are some photo-related stories from the past month or so that I found of note . . .

September marked the 10th anniversary of the 09/11 attacks and many outlets ran photo galleries from that day. TIME ran unpublished photos by James Nachtwey . . . Atlantic ran an unusual double exposure. . . Portraits of 09/11 rescue dogs.

Hurricane Irene generated a lot of images . . . Business Insider ran Terrifying Pictures of Past Hurricanes In New York. . .  CNN ran a sliding Before/After photo gallery to mark 6 months since the tidal wave in Japan . . . Mitch Dowbrowner photographs super-cell thunderstorms.

A new invention promises not merely an end to out of focus photos but adds selective focus in post processing . . . A tintype of Robert E. Lee turns up at Goodwill . . . AP drops photog who altered image . . . Fake firework photos . . . A primer on photo tampering through history (before and after the Photoshop era) . . . 100 year old non-altered COLOR photographs from Tsarist Russia . . . Taking the Impossible Photograph . . . Hip Hop photo history . . .  Reuters photographer Bob Strong writes about covering the Rebel March on Tripoli . . . Photographing photographers photographing in museums . . . Thrashers in Uganda photo essay . . . Legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt has a new exhibit . . . Commentary on Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover controversy . . . . Photoshoplooter . . .  MSNBC glorifies my friend Roll Call photog Tom Williams  . . . 46 unpublished  Beatles photos sell well at auction . . .  Photo Festivals . . . Victoria & Albert museum in London opens gallery to showcase extensive photo collection . . . Why not put a giant lens on your iPhone?. . . Profile of NY Times Magazine’s Kathy Ryan . . . Jay Maisel under attack by loonies . . . Fear not! NY’s Art Vandal Underground is being covered  . . . Don’t remove the Photo Credit! . . . The world’s most expensive camera . . .  NYT’s Stephen Crowley discusses the unique problems of covering the Obama presidency as a photojournalist  . . . War Dog photo essay . . .