‘09 Photo Year In Review: #10. October 2009

Here are some of my favorite photos from October 2009.

10/11/09 Lead singer Martin Johnson of the band “Boys Like Girls” at the Hard Rock Cafe Washington, D.C.

10/04/09 New US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer exit St. Matthew’s Cathedral at the conclusion of the Red Mass.

10/30/09 My niece Ella demonstrates Batgirl’s combat moves.

10/13/09 Outside the “50 Most Powerful People in DC” party.

10/08/09 Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard visits Noyes Elementary in NE Washington, DC.

10/08/09 “Capture the Moment” party atop the Park Place Apartments.

10/13/09 Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar with members of the National Museum of the American Latino Commission, including actress Eva Longoria-Parker.

10/30/09 Anna’s Halloween Eve II at Maté in Georgetown.

10/16-10/20/09 Bridal Week in NYC: Day 1Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

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