‘09 Photo Year In Review: #4. April 2009

Here are some of my favorite images from April 2009.

I started SnarkInfested back in April and without doubt the biggest number of hits I get to my photo blog every day is from people searching the term “Redskins Cheerleaders” and finding the pictures I took of the Redskins’ cheerleader tryouts on 04/05/09. The number of hits also spike after Redskins’ games.

04/16/09 Lead singer Brent Smith during an acoustic performance by his band Shinedown  at Hard Rock Cafe Washington, D.C.

Portrait of E.

Tidal Basin and Cherry Blossoms.

Portrait of Salsabil

04/07/09 Michelle Obama statue unveiled at Madame Tussauds, Washington D.C.

04/22/09 Dionne helped me out for a shoot at Highland Park.

04/12/09 My niece Maura hunting for eggs on Easter.

Rachael at my April Open Studio shoot.

04/11/09 Indrid had a booze-filled squirtgun at her Roaring 20’s party.

Christie at my April Open Studio shoot.

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